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The brilliant Jo Major, founder of Diversity in Recruitment shared this fantastic piece of advice and we wanted to share it on our site because it really does matter. What happens when we do this?

  • Replace the phrase ‘diverse talent’ with underrepresented candidates.

  • Replace the phrase ‘diverse talent’ with candidates that face discrimination and prejudice at work and in their job search.

  • Replace the phrase ‘diverse talent’ with candidates that face barriers into work because of their identity, background, or circumstances.

  • Replace the phrase ‘diverse talent’ with candidates who’ve faced racism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, islamophobia, pregnancy discrimination & more.

Gets you thinking about the problem we are here to solve.

Underrepresented candidates are not just a few candidates here and there.

They are ALL women, candidates who are Black, Asian, or from other ethnic groups, the LGBTQ+ community, candidates with disabilities, candidates who are neurodivergent, candidates that didn’t have access to higher education or university, candidates who are single parents, ex-military candidates, candidates who are carers, candidates who are ex-offenders, candidates over the age of 45 who face age discrimination, candidates discriminated against because of their religion, candidates who chose to have a family, candidates who had a break in their CV because of illness or mental health, candidates with chronic illness, candidates with non-Anglo sounding names, candidates who have English as a second language, candidates who are working class, candidates who have an accent, candidates with a visible difference…the list goes on.

Literally millions & millions & millions of people.

Let’s stop hunting for ‘diverse’ candidates and focus on making recruitment equitable, equal, fair, accessible, and inclusive.

If you fix it, they will come!

For more thoughts on how to make their recruitment processes accessible to EVERYONE talk to us or visit Jo at Diversity in Inclusion

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