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equity noun (FAIRNESS)

The theme for International Women’s Day 2023 is Embrace Equity.

Instead of asking all your female employees to take a cuddle selfie so you can post it across your social media channels, the team at BoldMove is asking you to dig deeper, forget the #IWD2023 performative social calendar tick box and commit to doing the work.

Ways you can #EmbraceEquity (and not just on #internationalwomensday2023) is to make equitable promises, post your commitments to your social media channels and then on #IWD2024 you can tell us with pride, all about the work you’ve done to achieve them.

And if you need some help getting there, here’s some ideas to start you off.

  • So, you need a marketing director, an agency to help with your social media, someone to design your website? Make the effort to support female founded and female run businesses whenever you’re looking for suppliers. Champion women, seek them out, make it priority.

  • Offer full, flexible working with job share and part-time opportunities as standard.

  • Do you understand the Motherhood penalty? What can you do to address this within your business?

  • Offer an enhanced parental leave package. And invest in your return-to-work policy.

  • Don’t just say you’re committed to working on your gender pay gap, sort it. Have salary bands for levels and stick to them. Pay women equally. Simple.

  • When you’re writing job ads, make sure they’re not gender biased in language and tone. Make them open so you’re not missing out on those amazing women who often downplay their skills and aren’t always feel confident in applying. ALWAYS advertise the salary (competitive doesn’t cut it).

  • And don’t ask what salary someone’s currently earning when they apply, or when you interview them. If the job is paying £50k, then it’s paying £50k.

  • Are women seeing people like them in positions of senior leadership or on the board within your business? If not, try harder.

  • Do your research, understand that women aren’t on the same equal footing as men when it comes to caring responsibilities. In fact, women do up to 5 times more unpaid care work than men.

  • And this goes for more women than men leaving the workplace to raise children. How can you make it easier for women to return to work?

  • Make sure women are being championed for their contribution within the workplace (because we’re more likely to just get on with doing the work brilliantly than telling everyone who will listen how amazing we are).

  • Have a zero-tolerance policy to gender bias and discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, gaslighting or women being talked over within the workplace. Get everyone in the team to sign this.

  • Have menopause training for everyone in your business and menopause support as standard.

  • Have DEEI training woven into the business. Make this mandatory for all SLT in your company to lead on this, roll it out and write it into the induction for anyone new starters.

  • Be aware and fully understand that intersectionality and the work you’re committed to doing supports ALL women within the workplace.

  • Have fully transparent progression, training, development, opportunities and benefits that are available to all.

For any support, advice or to work with a fierce and passionate female founded and female-led recruitment consultancy, get in touch with ellie@boldmove.co.uk or julia@boldmove.co.uk

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