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Firstly at BoldMove, we take DE&I in PR & comms recruitment very seriously.  We were trained by and continue to work with and be mentored by the brilliant Jo Major. She is the force behind Diversity in Recruitment who worked in the recruitment world for over two decades. Initially, Jo was all about recruitment billing for 17 years, then she switched gears to Learning and development.

So what sparked a change in her career path? It was her boss’s huge enthusiasm for DE&I – diversity, equity, and inclusion. So this transformed Jo’s perspective, driving her to dive deep into understanding and addressing inequality before setting up her consultancy.

“Don’t Leave Intersectionality Behind”

Her latest article in HR World discusses the importance of considering intersectionality in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies – DE&I in PR & comms recruitment. It emphasizes that identity factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability, and neurodiversity, significantly influence career trajectories and experiences.

The article then critiques the approach of focusing DE&I efforts on single groups, before pointing out the multi-layered nature of human identity particularly in PR & comms recruitment. This isn’t just single issue. It later highlights the concept of “intersectionality”, coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, to address the unique and combined forms of discrimination and bias experienced by individuals. In recruitment, they aren’t just single issues.

Intersectionality illustrates how different identity markers, such as gender, race, and disability, intersect to create unique experiences of discrimination and barriers in PR and comms recruitment and career advancement.

Kimberlé Crenshaw came up with this term to help us see that, things like racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination aren’t single issues. They actually work together and sometimes create a kind of overlap, which can make things more complicated for companies and candidates facing multiple challenges in the PR & comms job recruitment market. It’s like looking at the whole person, instead of just one piece of their story.

The article “Don’t Leave Intersectionality Behind” in HR World asserts the need for HR to adopt an intersectional approach in their DE&I efforts to truly understand and address the nuanced forms of discrimination and exclusion, thereby evolving their organisations strategically.

If you don’t know Jo Majors, you should.  Check her out at Diversity in Recruitment.

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