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Working from home this xmas


Don’t despair, Xmas isn’t cancelled, but the festive period is inevitably going to be one that greatly differs from previous years. For so many individuals, our working environment has been transformed in the last few months and this has had a significant impact on our daily structure and general work commitments. For December, BoldMove explores how to embrace the festive period and how to translate some of the Covid-related disruptions into positive outcomes.

Some of us have been able to continue working in a relatively normal manner with minimal disruption to their work life. The large majority of us, however, have experienced a rapid transition towards remote working, shifting and adjusting work patterns, and ultimately having an impact on overall productivity.

Employees and businesses alike must remember the implications of these changes and be realistic with their expectations, from both sides. Understanding what is possible, what can continue as normal within these new conditions, and what is realistically achievable from a remote working environment need to be carefully considered. 

Working remotely, balancing work duties with home life and the build-up to Christmas is challenging. Setting realistic goals with work and accepting that this year has been one of the most stressful periods for us all. Christmas time alone can be a difficult time, and many of us are inclined to overspend during the festive period. We must try to alleviate this pressure where possible and avoid applying added challenges that come at Christmas. Our attention now should be on recharging and looking forward towards positive plans for the new year.

Let’s remember the benefits of working remotely and consider the time saved from our regular travel to and from our workplace. There may be distractions, you may have your children knocking on your door in the middle of a conference call, but remember, the time saved from commuting, the time spent travelling to meetings and the added distractions in the office. Remind yourself of these factors when stress levels are mounting at home.

From the early days of the pandemic the phrase ‘in this together’ gained popularity among the workforce. We continue to be in this together and the need to maintain connections with colleagues, leaders and other industry professionals remains paramount. 

The disruption associated with the pandemic will mean a different Christmas for us all. We need to embrace the changes and look at what opportunities the disruption to Christmas time presents. One particular area is how the money invested into Christmas parties can be funnelled into charitable projects and support the people that have been worst affected by the pandemic.

Covid-19 has been very challenging, and in particular had a profound impact on the disadvantaged communities, with increasing numbers of young people being identified as vulnerable and shifting towards areas of higher need. Unemployment levels have risen significantly, food poverty, isolation and issues of emotional health and wellbeing are increasing, resulting in further demand and pressure on the general public. 

With the pandemic causing many businesses to cancel their seasonal parties, the Xmas Party Heroes campaign encourages organisations to donate the funds allocated for these occasions to a charity of their choice. Mark Hawthorn, CEO of investment business Landmark Group created the initiative and instantly attracted the attention of several businesses interested in pledging money to selected charities. Charities need to be added more than ever right now and the Xmas Party Heroes campaign is a great way of raising funds and awareness. The campaign has already raised more than £500,000 in the first week.

Take time to pause and reflect on what has been a crazy year. Take time out to plan for the next phase and remain positive for what opportunities lie ahead in 2021. Finally, use the period of Christmas to spend time with family and friends when possible and stay focused on the future.

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