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Technology is transforming industries worldwide, and with more innovation, it will inevitably become even more embedded in our lives. In particular, Artificial Intelligence has become a prominent feature in new and emerging technology. BoldMove explores the recent findings from the Life after lockdown survey and how the rise of new technologies such as AI has impacted the public relations industry during and after the pandemic.

A clear standout challenge presented to businesses during the pandemic was remote working and determining the best solution to enable people to continue working. Employers and their employees alike focused their attention on utilising new tools and resources, being more creative and innovative with their daily activities. The life after lockdown survey highlighted some of the most critical technological tools during the lockdown period and furthermore emphasised the ability for individuals to utilise other resources whilst working from home.

New technology and the benefits to us people

Aside from the business itself, people are embracing new technology and the lockdown period enabled many individuals to use new tools and resources, to train and learn new things. Broadening the skills and experience of individuals can only improve a business and it’s workforce. 

The businesses that are capable of integrating new resources and training opportunities into their business plan are likely the ones to strengthen and succeed in the future.

People want to continue learning and have the opportunities to train and widen their skills. Businesses need to be well aware of this for the future in order to retain and attract their employees.


Source: Life after lockdown survey

The most popular tools in the PR Industry

Zoom was regarded as a clear favourite for remote meetings, conferences and workshops across most media channels, with most companies using Zoom as the go-to tool. The Life after lockdown survey showed, however, that Microsoft Teams was a firm favourite, with Zoom falling just behind. While this finding only reflects on the PR industry, it suggests that businesses were likely exploring a range of technology tools during the lockdown, and probably will continue to use these resources where possible.

Source: Life after lockdown survey

“We thought that Zoom would be the clear favourite here, but was slightly taken aback to see that Teams was more utilised than any other tool. Microsoft is definitely going to be pleased with that… I think the fact that Teams is a multifaceted program, that isn’t just about video & meetings has made remote working together easy and the go-to tech system for the industry. ” Julia Fenwick, Founder of BoldMove Consulting.

How technology can influence PR industry development, the opportunities and the challenges it holds.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly emerging as an important technology for public relations and overall decision making in a business. As with other new and innovative technologies, AI provides new insights and opportunities to work more efficiently, but equally it comes with its own challenges. 

The Ethics Guide to Artificial Intelligence in PR report produced by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) analyses the risks associated with AI and provides insight into making the right decisions when applying AI to your business. Technology and AI is an active part of our working lives. Studies suggest that by the end of this year, more people will be connected via mobile phones than those with access to running water or electricity, highlighting our growing dependence on technology. This reliance on new technology applies to all industries, including public relations. 

Targeted PR campaigns, insightful analytics and AI-powered advertising will inevitably transform how we manage, deliver and consume information in the future. PR professionals will need to expand their knowledge of these new technologies and be prepared to embrace a new era of digitalisation. At the same time, we need to be ready to meet the challenges, capable of implementing transparent ethical standards and ensure tools like AI are used in the correct manner.

The associated disruption from the pandemic has resulted in further innovation, with AI, Machine Learning and automation taking much of the focus. There are numerous automation and AI tools available to professionals in the PR recruitment industry. For more information on AI and the challenges of implementing AI into the PR industry read the full report here.

Download and view the entire life after furlough survey here.


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