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SEO and PR Strategy



The concept of integrating PR and SEO has been well established over the years, but often PR and SEO teams work independently, lacking an insight into how each side can influence their results, or more importantly, how PR and SEO can support one another to drive your pr strategy.

The key question is how PR professionals can utilise SEO to transform and shape their core PR strategies. SEO data can provide key people with details on which platforms to focus on, what material to cover, and achieving the most effective results in terms of media exposure.

Identifying the domain authority of your selected sites

While there are other PR factors to be considered, it’s important to understand the strength of a website in terms of its SEO, and more specifically its domain authority. This will have a significant impact on how prominent your content is on major search engines and how long your material will remain exposed to your target audience.

Domain Authority (DA) refers to a scale from 1 to 100 that predicts how likely a website will rank in search engines. The figure is based on several key factors and is a critical element of nearly every SEO tool used today. Leading SEO services providers such as Moz Open Site Explorer provide a DA tool that generates a quick overview of individual websites. While a low scoring DA doesn’t necessarily translate into a poor performing site (it could be a very new website that is yet to establish a strong ranking), it does give a relatively accurate insight into how effective your content will be on this particular website.

Utilise link partner tools to determine new publications

Link profiling services will identify which websites have linked to you. This is particularly useful in determining your media coverage and revealing certain websites and media platforms that your business should target.

Again, SEO Moz provides a great Link profile tool and SEMRush offers a similar service to identify other sites that link to your competitors but not to you. Link profiling is very useful to understand what your competition is doing and identify new opportunities for collaboration with other media partners.

Exploring keyword research to create target topics

Keyword research tools identify what your audience is searching for and the types of questions people are asking about a particular topic. There is a range of features such as Google’s People Also Ask service or Answer The Public, both of which identify the types of questions concerning a topic. Other complementary tools will give you an idea of the search volumes for particular keywords and phrases. 

Incorporating SEO into your PR Strategy at every stage will only strengthen results and ensure you maximise the potential of your media campaigns.

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