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Microsoft Viva



Microsoft has launched a new service called Microsoft Viva which it claims to be the first employee experience platform providing specific tools for employee engagement, learning, wellbeing and knowledge discovery. According to Microsoft, Viva supports the workforce with ‘learning, growing and thriving in the new period of working life and was created to work with other existing solutions like Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft explains that they have been focused on working on a significantly scaled remote working experiment and results have shown the considerable impact it has on overall employee experience. Nadella highlights that every business will require a collaborative employee experience ranging from onboarding and working together to continuous learning and development. Viva will combine everything that an employee needs to be successful in one, integrated solution in Teams.

The new announcement comes at a time as economic and social trends continue to influence changes in workforce engagement. With an accelerated move towards distributed and digital working, the demand for solutions that support corporate culture, knowledge discovery and employee wellbeing is rising. Studies indicate that employee experience platforms incorporate a fragmented collection of services, infrastructure and tools, with many going undiscovered and not used properly by individuals at businesses that have invested in these services.

As the working world continues to transform, the next stage of innovation will largely focus on creativity, engagement and wellbeing so businesses can develop resilient cultures with higher engagement levels and inspiring leadership.

Microsoft Viva will go beyond the services offered with Teams and Microsoft 365, unifying the employee experience in four key areas – Engagement, Wellbeing, Learning and Knowledge in an experience that empowers individual to be their best.

Viva will include several modules that will enable customers to combine existing employee experience systems and tools with Viva:

Viva Connections – a customised gateway for your digital workplace, enabling employees to access internal communications and resources and participate in targeted groups such as employee resources.

Viva Insights – provide individuals and leaders with personalised insights that support business development. Personal experiences and insights, specifically designed for each employee will support individuals with work and learning processes. Leaders can identify trends at the team and organisation level and further recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing. 

Viva Learning allows training and professional development opportunities to be more accessible in workflows. The platform combines all learning resources into one place, allowing users to discover and share a wide variety of learning material.

Viva Topics generates a knowledge discovery experience that enables people to connect to information and specialists across the business. With the use of AI and the integration of knowledge from other services, Viva Topics will generate topic cards with related documents, conversations, videos and people.

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