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Sam Brown author of 20 Rules of PR has her say:

What do you call someone who’s been in the PR business for 20 years? 

PR Pro? That sounds a bit like a prostitute. 

PR Veteran? I’ve got some scars, but never seen a real war. 

PR Guru? I don’t think I have any spiritual powers. 

Whatever term you choose… it’s me, whether I like it or not! 

I’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and I’ve done a fair bit in that time. From being a publicist, a campaign director, a consultant, an agency owner, and now a creative director. I consider myself to have officially earned my stripes! 

One of my bug-bears over that time is seeing things done badly. I’ve seen how small mistakes can screw up entire campaigns, how loose lips have lost coverage, and how bad timing can mean bad, bad results. 

And it’s been frustrating, to say the least. 

So, when lockdown hit, I finally decided to put pen to paper, and I created what I consider to be the official rule book of the industry – 20 Rules of PR, AKA How to Get It Right and not F**k it up

It’s 20 rules (obviously!) built from my two-decades in the business. A handbook for everyone who does PR and wants to get results. 

Anyone that’s had the joy of working with me (ahem…!) knows that I have an opinion or four, and I’m not shy to sort out a problem that’s been caused by an innocent or naïve mishap. Mistakes are mistakes. Shit happens. But it can a lot of the time they’re preventable. 

When I started writing the rules, they streamed out of my head and onto the page, tumbling out of brain and down through my fingers like a therapeutic river! Years of eye-rolling and cringing, turned into concise advice that everyone can use.  Simple, practical, and effective. 

Things like Don’t Lie. And Speedy Does it. And Authenticity Rules. 

It’s real advice, with real examples, for real results. 

Writing and publishing the book has been my therapy over these past few months, and it will continue to be my therapy moving forward. Mistakes or mishaps will no longer be greeted with eye-rolling or cringing, but instead, by handing over a copy of the book with a quiet “Rule 5 babe….”. 

PR doesn’t need to be painful, or like a war zone. Just follow the rules. And in the words of the wonderful RuPaul…. don’t fuck it up! 

Sam can be found on LinkedIn, and on Instagram offering tips and advice through @the_PR_Mastercoach 

You can order her book from amazon20 Rules of PR, AKA How to Get It Right and not F**k it up 

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