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AI adoption in business



While interest in adopting AI technology is high, very few PR businesses have successfully implemented the technology within their organisation.

The true value of artificial intelligence in supporting and enhancing PR business operations is clear. Studies have proven that many business leaders and their employees acknowledge that their organisation would benefit from integrating AI into PR operations, products and services. However, many businesses are way off from reaching any goals with implementing AI. Research from cybersecurity specialists Juniper Networks found that only 6% of C-suite executives stated that their businesses had adopted AI-driven solutions and a further 22% confirmed that their business is using AI to automate decisions for their team.

The desire to integrate AI in business is there, with nearly 90% of respondents actively wanting to increase their use of AI, but progress remains slow. Three key obstacles seem to be hindering the widespread adoption of AI:

-AI-focused technology services – studies suggest that businesses are finding it difficult to develop and manage data sets to properly power AI solutions. Creating specific data models is considered one main challenge, as well as managing the use of AI with other existing technologies in use.

-Preparing the workforce – a large proposition of businesses said their organisation is struggling to prepare their team to utilise the benefit of AI. C-suite leaders explained that hiring new, AI-focused employees was considered a priority over training existing staff to use the technology.

-While the majority of business leaders admitted that having AI governance in place was important, very few stated that governance was a priority in delivering their AI strategies. Instead, the focus seems to be expanding their existing AI capabilities into new business areas.

Sharon Mandell, the senior VP and CIO of Juniper Networks believes that businesses need to focus on refining their strategic approach towards AI if they intend to make significant progress. For AI, it’s clear there is great potential and meaningful insights that can be delivered from AI. By focusing on upskilling the workforce and investing in strong infrastructure, data and governance, businesses are preparing for the digital workforce of the future.

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