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*Well, to some recruiters, you are a number made up of the boxes you tick, the years you’ve worked, the degree you got, the internal targets they have and so on.

But to us, you’re so much more than that. 

We want to understand the three-dimensional you – who you really are, what you bring, how you work and how to get the best from you, so you can thrive in the right job with the right brand.

You’ll become part of the BoldMove community – think of us like a career club; we’re always here for advice, mentoring, a coffee (virtual or otherwise) or preferably all three. 

If you don’t want to be a number – give us call, text or  email us, or  register, because you’re the kind of person we’re after.

Look at our latest  jobs in PR, public affairs & marketing if you’re ready to get moving.

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