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Many organisations are increasing their focus on sustainability plans. To remain relevant, businesses and their associated communicators should implement the necessary steps to encourage sustainable initiatives. 

Studies suggest the majority of the general public recognise climate change as a significant issue and that the pandemic has heightened the overall concern about the environment. This shift in public attitudes has placed sustainability at the core of many businesses as a vital factor of resilience and progress.

It’s become even more vital for brands and communicators to voice their actions and inform customers and clients about sustainable practices. People are asking businesses to show and report on sustainability measures. Communicators must acknowledge various areas such as:

  • Including clear information online that represent the sustainability efforts of the business
  • Regular content that highlights their effort and plans
  • Applying for sustainability-focused awards, recognition and certifications
  • Raising credibility through other relevant certifications
  • Remain competitive and includes sustainability-focused media platforms

The rising volume of eco and sustainable-centric publications are driving further competition in regards to securing new media. Mainstream publications continue to increase the publishings of sustainable-focused reports, and many online platforms now have dedicated areas to sustainability.

The idea of incorporating sustainability into your business can seem challenging, particularly for smaller communication teams. While it may be booming now, it’s still a relatively new ideology and has few clear roadmaps to follow. There are, however, several ways to start implementing sustainable measures and encourage your business to start its journey towards sustainability.

Any successful action taken should be measured and communicated to your audience. Customers need to be aware of how your brand is committed to changes. Transparency and dedication to positive steps are the building blocks for a successful sustainability communication plan.

Collaborating with relevant non-profit groups promotes both organisations, as well as increasing reputation and trust with customers. Sustainability should become a priority to the communications workforce, embedding the concept of sustainability into the daily working lives of comms professionals. Sustainability needs to transform from a benefit to a necessity that is a standard incorporated into every business activity. 

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