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Transforming the PR Recruitment Industry


The last few years have connected the world and transformed our working lives. The transition towards remote work and employee flexibility in PR and comms has impacted the demands of employees, and businesses are continuously adapting as people prioritise their work-life balance.

While some businesses had no choice but to close, others had to adapt to a new way of working. Predicted business growth over the next year may be a little unknown, but for some industries with higher rates of adopting new tech solutions, the forecasts are more encouraging.

Many employees have experienced the benefits of remote working and the added flexibility to work as they choose. Worldwide, we have seen the rise of the great resignation with people leaving their jobs and searching for organisations that provide the flexibility they have become acquainted with.

Reevaluating the needs of PR employees

Employees are becoming more selective of an organisation, reevaluating their requirements and what they want from a job. While salary continues to be vital, employees are prioritising the work-life balance. As a result, when individuals explore new opportunities, money may not necessarily be at the top of the list. 

Remote work may be the clear solution, but working remotely also comes with its challenges in terms of the working conditions, the office and home environment and working hours. At the end of last year, Portugal launched new measures known as the Right to Rest, restricting business leaders from contacting employees after hours. These plans are likely to be implemented in other countries as the hybrid working conditions continue to become more prominent.

As PR employees look to find more freedom and flexibility in their working lives, the rise of the next generation of employees will continue to expand. 

While many people previously opted for full-time employment options and a secured income, the rising demand for flexibility means employees supplement their earnings with other short-term options that provide the freedom to consider other roles and develop their skills further.

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