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It takes bold moves to step outside that circle of comfort or responsibility we build around ourselves.

In amongst work, family and personal commitments, concerted effort is often needed to create time for ourselves, giving us enough space to explore new things or just do more of what makes us feel good. That in itself is an act of self-care and if we look at how all our lives have changed specifically throughout 2020 and into 2021, finding some sort of outlet whether sensory, physical, emotional, academic, worthy or creative has never been more important. We all need a switch off; a moment where we can escape and find a sense of balance.

At BoldMove we admire those who have found their thing, whatever that might be. The thing they do that helps them switch off or switch on. It may have come easy, it may still be hard for them, but they’ve done it, they’re doing it and it’s their escape.

Stay tuned as we kick off 2021 with Bold Moves Find Balance; taking hobbies and interests off the CV, launching them in a blog series and unearthing what goes on outside the workplace.

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