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We are witnessing a significant surge in online traffic which presents both opportunities and challenges to businesses and more specifically marketing professionals. On one side there is a growing audience of people using more platforms and spending more time on the internet. How to approach your audience and navigate the current digital landscape is challenging and must be considered carefully. Maintaining a combination of your brand reputation and an equal level of empathy towards your audience is critical right now.

There is a lot of speculation right now. It seems we may have reached a peak and now are looking for clarity on the next phase and whether a certain degree of normality will return. In reality, none of us really know how things will unfold over the next few months but we need to stick to our plans and remain consistent with our approach towards marketing. It’s quite likely that your business and marketing plans will need adjusting, but try to avoid pausing or removing these strategies altogether. Businesses need to remain focused on meeting customer expectations, new business and retaining existing clients. Whatever your focus may be right now, whether it’s SEO, PPC, or analytics, keep doing it!

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of speculation and uncertainty right now. This means your approach and message will have to reflect these conditions. Any content produced needs to be relevant and sensitive to what people are currently facing. As a business, you need to present the right information to enable your customers to continue engaging with your organisation. Keep people updated with any particular changes in your business, whether this is hours of operation, changes in offers or services, delivery times, etc.

There is a colossal amount of news content circulating right now. Actually it’s quite overwhelming and can create challenges for businesses looking to reach out to their audience. Content needs to be thoughtful, valuable and contain supportive information for your audience. 

The crisis has also generated a higher level of negative news stories. Businesses should consider the good news, positive stories and content that provides some hope that customers remember your brand by.

While the digital marketing industry may be transforming, businesses should remember that any plans that have been delayed or paused may still be possible in the future. Businesses should continue working towards their goals and remain focused on implementing proactive strategies to position their business for the future.

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